A Brief History About Industrialist Anil Jain

Industrialist Anil Jain, aged 38 years is a Self made person and promoter of Refex Industries Limited (Listed on BSE and NSE), Refex Energy Limited, Refex Trading (S) Pte Ltd, Anil Jain Investments. Below find the Brief History About Industrialist T Anil Jain.

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Industrialist Anil Jain was always cut out to be an entrepreneur. His father and uncle came to Chennai in 60’s and started with an Auto Finance business and over the years gradually moved to trading in Industrial Stainless steel. They started with one Company in 1976 in the name of Madras Metals and another in 1980 in the name of Bombay Metals. When his father and uncle split in mid 90’s Bombay Metals had come in Anil’s father’s share. Anil used to take an active interest in the business during his younger days, right from his school days, he used to visit the trading businesses during weekends and saw how business operated.

One thing that was instilled deep in him was the need to be accountable for all his actions. He did not ever mind carrying out even menial jobs, if the situation warranted it. The point was simple – he had to learn every aspect of the business. He used to get paid a princely Rs.15 for counting the collections of the firm at the end of the day when he used to go there during his school days. He slowly started learning the trade, and started helping his father during mid 90’s till beginning of 2000. This made him independent from an early age; he traded in the stock market and also sold jeans and T-shirts while in college. He wanted to earn his own money to fund his standard of living.

The turning point came after a chance meeting with one of his customers, when he was exposed to a new product – Refrigerant gas. A bit of research and he knew his big chance was at hand. He was able to foresee an exponential growth in the business of HFC gases, as by 2010, the use of HFC gases would be mandatory as per the Montreal Protocol.

There has been no looking back since then.

The challenge now is to establish a global footprint. To achieve this, hewill have to improvise constantly and rely on his ability to identify opportunities, anticipate tomorrow, innovate and invest strategically. As a first step in this direction, he has taken majority stake in a Singapore-based company called Kaltech Engineering and Refrigeration Pte Ltd. It is one of the biggest refrigerant re-fillers in this part, catering to markets in South-east Asia, Middle East and Europe. This venture was not very successful and he had to exit from this in 2011. During the same period when he acquired Kaltech, he also started Refex Energy Limited at home, which was focused on Solar Energy.

What drives him is an intense desire to succeed and redefine the parameters of success. He may not win all the time, but the more intense a challenge, the greater the spoils he could take home. It’s not about a 100-metre dash, as much as about a marathon. No milestone is reason enough to stop.

Industrialist Anil Jain’s biggest strength is his team of people working for him. He has always tried to enthuse them, make them comfortable, create a zone of comfort where they can work without feeling the stress, come out with ideas, take decisions without having to look up to him all the time. This has created a culture of independence and strengthened their loyalty towards the company. He is always there for them, personally and professionally.

Industrialist Anil Jain’s advice to budding entrepreneurs: Be practical and pragmatic about whatever you do. Once you see the worth of something, take it forward, no matter what.