Market Strength

  • RIL has offices and Branches all over the country to cater to the clients.
  • RIL’s Marketing team has been hand picked from the industry with vast experience in selling Refrigerants.
  • RIL’s has a well networked Logistics department put in place for timely supply to OEM’s, Trade and after markets.
  • RIL’s Network consists of technical team who assist the small mechanics to switch over from CFC’s to HFC’s. They train them on the replacement, procedure and cost.
  • RIL has in its kettle vast Cylinder inventory and different packing to suit every customer. It has, with the launch of small cans targeted the end consumers of Refrigerants to buy it off the shelf like any other product. 18,000 Refillable Cylinders,biggest fleet in the industry,275 Tonners,10 ISO Tanks all these have made us have an edge over the others in industry.