Anil Jain is the Founder & MD, Refex Refrigerants. Through his hard work and vision, he had spotted the business of the future – Refrigerant gas.

Industrialist Anil Jain always wanted to be an entrepreneur from his young age. His vision had come when he got a chance of meeting with one of his customers. He got exposed to a new product – refrigerant gas. He was able to see an exponential growth in the business of HFC gases by 2010, the use of HFC gases would be mandatory as per the Montreal Protocol.

Anil Jain of Refex has been Authorised by DRI and customs to buy Refrigerant R22 Seized and detained by them. With his various processes of Arrest of Refrigerant gases he has attained expertise in this. He is authorised by DRI and Customs to buy the Refrigerant R22 which is ozone depleting Nd series by customs and DRI’s through Misdeclaration of imports or smuggling of these refrigerant gases. His article on arrest of Refrigerant gases has got him name and fame.

Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce and Industries through PESO has authorised the Refex plant to buy smuggled and mis declared imported R22 from DRI and Customs and dispose them off by destroying the disposable cylinders and exporting the R22 to other counties which are part of Montreal protocol and authorised to import these refrigerants.

Import of R22 is restricted and any smuggled R22 can’t be sold in open market by DRI sleuths or Customs officials after seizure. These needs to be disposed off by an agency who is authorised to purchase the Smuggled R22 from DRI and customs sleuths. Refex, managed by Anil Jain is authorised to do so.