Industrialist Anil Jain is a Managing director at Refex Refrigerants Ltd/Refex Energy Ltd. In his Personal capacity, Industrialist Anil Jain has been nurturing start ups and mentoring them towards growth. Anil Jain has put his investments in 2 Startups I Love Diamonds Pvt Limited, which is into online Jewelry with name “”. The business and website is officially getting launched on 28th August 2015. Apart from selling Jewelry online, its also planning to set up trust stores across the country. 3 of the stores are already up in Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. The investment is to the tune of 1Million USD.


Industrialist Anil Jain’s next Investment is into a Laundry business in the company called The Laundry Project Private Limited, running under brand name “wassup”. They are in the business of commercial and Retail Laundry with operations in Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore and Delhi, starting soon in Mumbai. Anil Jain is one of the biggest investor after the promoters. Currently HNI’s including, B.S.Nagesh, non-executive vice-chairman of Shoppers Stop, former Barclays India chief executive Mani Subramanian, Ranga Iyer, former MD of pharma major Wyeth India and Arun Chandra Mohan and Praveen Sinha, founders of Jabongg are other investors in this venture. The investment in this is close to 0.65Million USD.

Anil Jain has in principally signed 2 more investment in Online Insurance and Management cum Business Intelligence Companies, Due diligence of both are under process and will be closed by end of September. The total investments in these companies will be close to 1.4Million USD.

Apart from the above investments, Industrialist Anil Jain has outlined another 3 Million USD to be invested in other startups in various fields over the next 12 months. Apart from just financial investments, he brings in a strong team to the companies to help them transform a family owned or a single person owned businesses to Corporates, his team is an expert in Business and Companies transformations by building Systems, SoP’s, KPI’s etc., these helps Company scale very fast and adapt to the fast growing business environment. Industrialist Anil Jain’s team also sets up trainings and brings in external consultants from various fields to help in decision makings and sign off for the business plans.