Industrialist Anil Jain’s Refex Refrigerant (now Refex Industries) is one of the top wholesalers of refrigerant gasses in India. The principle objective of the organization is to make eco-accommodating gasses supplanting the most terrifying operators, for example, chlorofluro carbons (CFCs). The results of the organization are primarily utilized as froth blowing specialists, refrigerants and vaporized charges. Anil Jain’s Refex Refrigerants indicates most extreme devotion in holding their notoriety concerning wellbeing and strength of the general public and environment. Their prime thought process is accomplishing accomplishment without saving the wellbeing variable of the encompassing air.


The business is going by Anil Jain, respectable and fruitful maker of refrigerant gasses. The nature of the items can be esteemed from the years of experience he has committed himself for the development of the organization. He has been flourishing hard for around 9 years to conquer the issues experienced by refrigerant gasses. Anil Jain takes extremely valuable endeavors in teaching general society about the risks of refrigerant gasses and their belongings upon ozone layer. His intension is to keep away from mischances of refrigerant gasses that might happen because of remissness and misusing of refrigerant jars and chambers. Anil Jain’s learning is not limited to refrigerants area, it stretches out even to the field of sun oriented force era.

Each of Refex clients are given an investigation testament that affirms the standard and nature of their items. They take complete consideration in guaranteeing the wellbeing of client while refilling the gasses. The refilled items are tried and guaranteed prior and then afterward fruition of the procedure in very propelled research center. RIL has gotten the ISO 9001-2000 affirmation from TUV-SUD, Germany. Anil Jain Refex Refrigerant Industry is furnished with bleeding edge and exceptionally progressed innovative gadgets that meet the standard of value and wellbeing of items. Refex group is the main purpose behind the achievement and notoriety of the items. Every representative of Refex is a blessing to the organization who work energetically to achieve the objectives.

The objectives of Industrialist Anil Jain’s Refex Refrigerant are not obliged to only nature of items; they go past limits in meeting the aggressive edge and desires of customers. They tend to serve both their customers and society with legitimate equalization of value and security. Three principle explanations behind the achievement and development of the organization incorporate polished methodology in work process, responsibility to work and dependability to individuals.