Refrigerant Analyzer

RIL’s commitment to quality is fundamental in everything that we do – from manufacturing to customer service, constantly meeting our customer needs and expectations is a mantra that runs to the core of the business. Certification to recognized standards for Quality Management Systems has been the norm of RIL ever since inception. A culture of continuous improvement ensures the company’s systems are constantly updated. Every cylinder reflects the quality behind the success of brand “Refex”.

RIL provides each customer with a certificate of Analysis that conforms to ARI700 standards. Additionally, while rebottling, the products filled are tested and analyzed before and after filling in our state of the art laboratory.

The Refrigerant Analyzer is used for checking the product, the Gas Chromatograph checks the purity of the Refrigerant, other permissible impurities and any non-condensable gases and the Moisture Analyzer checks the moisture content in the refrigerant. RIL has been certified with ISO 9001-2000 accreditation by TUV-SUD, Germany.

Special precautions taken for cylinders, like our cylinder refurbishment system, has become a benchmark in the industry. Refex offers these and other cylinder refurbishing services :


  • Internal cleaning
  • Internal drying
  • Removal of old paint
  • Valve replacement