Infrastructure & Storage


RIL’s enterprising approach and stringent quality control procedures introduce seamless and efficient success in automation for filling. Coupled with an enterprising approach, a state-of-the-art facility, advanced technology, and an automated filling process, we have been able to deliver efficiency in all our services.

As of date, our operations function via state of art electronically operated filling stations and the new filling station facilitates the filling of all kinds of Refillable Cylinders, Tonners, ISO Tanks, Cans, and Customer Cylinders. Every product has a distinguished dedicated filling line.

Our team of highly experienced technicians and engineers design and implement all processes with complete precision all the while making available the finest engineering expertise for our clients.

The REFEX product range is world-class and based on sound scientific Principles and cutting-edge innovation. Our filling process has earned the approval and recognition from major OEM’s across the country.

So, whether you need a long-term replacement or whether you serve the automotive, refrigeration, foam, or pharmaceutical business – we at REFEX have the right product and the best advice to share.


Refex maintains an extensive fleet of ISO Tanks, Tonners, Cylinders andSingle Use Cans.

  • 3 * 100 KL Storage Tanks
  • 3 * 25 KL Storage Tanks
  • ISO Tanks
  • Ton Tanks
  • Refillable Cylinders

Every product has a different and dedicated storage facility. Each storage capacity is a completely secure unit in its own, approved and licensed by the PESO and manufactured by the best fabricators in the industry. Additionally, each storage facility is inbuilt with standard safety devices. At Refex, the regular maintenance and cleaning procedures ensure optimum, peak performance at all times.