Moisture Analyzer

An automated moisture analyzer determines a substance’s moisture levels by measuring the weight lost by that substance when heated over time. Industry-standard automated moisture analyzers can analyze the moisture levels in substances that have anywhere from 0.1 percent to 99.9 percent moisture.

The technician sets the proper drying parameters on his automated moisture analyzer for his test sample. Automated moisture analyzers work on thermogravimetric (TGA) testing principles. TGA tests measure the weight loss of a substance while the substance is heated to high temperatures by a furnace. Weight loss due to the evaporation of liquid can be analyzed to find a substance’s moisture content. The drying parameter for a moisture analyzer informs the appliance how high to heat the furnace. The chemical makeup of a substance greatly influences drying parameters. For substances in which the most prevalent liquid is water, drying parameters are often set to 105 degrees C.